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Dedicated to supporting your business

Exactly when and where you need it

We cannot survive if our customers are not satisfied up to degree they are wishing for. It’s our priority that our customers stay fully satisfied with each product provided by us. We bring such approval from customers-side by providing them optimal service apart from software. We have an extensive global network of more than 40 self-owned subsidiaries and qualified international partners that are serving the customers in 125 countries. Our customer service network provides quality support beyond the barriers of languages and locations. Different support levels are offered to meet individual need of a business.

Exact’s network is there for you

We are responsive to deliver our customer with quality services as well as support for product development. We ensure:

Optimized performance
You can take help of our experts to optimize the performance of your software. This strengthens you to manage business courses as effectively as possible, further reducing your total cost of ownership of your IT infrastructure and exploiting your return on investment.

Experienced support professionals
All our support professional are experienced enough to help you. Those who are new as support professional are required to complete intensive training-period, spanning to three months. We have more than 1200 support professionals and developers across the word to provide our customers with well-synchronized and customer-specific services at your location.

On-site support via our international network
The global network of 40 self-owned subsidiaries provide their support in more than 40 countries in their local languages. This is just not because of language barriers but we provide such services to set aside the helpdesk in your country that is experienced in our local legislations and requirements.

Backing from global specialists
You are just a call away from our global team of highly experienced specialists. Our people are always ready to solve out your problem as they stand by to back up our local support. Backed by not less than five years of experience at Ideal-Exact Business Solution, our each support professional has profound technical knowledge and also, they can fly to the other side of world on request of customers.

A helpdesk that speaks your language
We know that before providing you support, clear communication is a prerequisite. Considering this, we have already established local customers support to act upon your requirement in local languages and also according to your time zone. Our customers care support provides you clear and prompt contact via phone, email or our customer portal.

A customer portal for instant answers
For our each query, our customer support portal is an instant answer. We have setup a very secure and interactive service platform that frees up wide range of information connected to your Exact solutions and services. Our customer portal is a tool in your hand to get an instantaneous overview of past and current communications with Exact. Using this portal you also have access to our extensive knowledge base and a chance to register new support queries at any time.

Up-to-date software
We also provide ongoing updates and enhancement. These keep your Exact software up to date and running smoothly. Our customer portal also provides you technical information, expert advice and integration to solve out your issues without delay and efficiently in order form our ERP solution capable of delivering optimal performance.

Support package tailored to your needs
You can select one of several levels of support if you are active as in international business with more than a few subsidiaries abroad. Your selection depends on the need of your company.

  • Standard Support
    Our standard support maintains your software up-to-date and operational optimally apart from providing our attractive upgrade choices on periodic basis. In addition to phone service, our global multi-language network also gives out round the clock unlimited service to ensure best of supports and availability.
  • Premium Support
    The Premium Support comprises of Silver, Gold, and Platinum support levels to act on issues as quickly as possible responses and with higher degrees of personalization, specialization, insight and flexibility, depending on your individual needs.
  • Additional Support Services
    In this segment, we offer our customers with a quite a few additional support services which include our Exact Priority Support, Exact Update Service and Exact Health Check.