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Sell and Service

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Our Exact Globe aids you to hold, reward, and profit from customers by consolidating all current and historical data which may include orders, invoices, and pricing information. Such information gets linked to your financial and logistic systems.

Business processes supported:

Sales management

Customer and sales analysis
With Exact Globe you can identify your most significant customers just by viewing the sales performance of each revenue customer or sales representative. You can also have overview of sales figures which let you compare the results with last year’s sales figures.

You can get details of pricing agreements, discounts, stock levels, delivery times, and previous quotations to deliver accurate and up to date quotations

Order Processing
You need a flexible ordering system to keep your inventories low as well as keep your customers happy. Fortunately you can do it by Exact Globe that provides direct insight into stocks during order entry. Then goods can be allocated against current stock availability to better meet customer expectations.

Exact Globe comes with sophisticate invoice managements allowing the complete processing of sales invoices. This includes pre-payment, advanced payment conditions, direct invoices for over the counter sales. With invoicing you can calculate and grant sales commission to employees and partners such as re-sellers.

Service management

Customer insight
It is hard to acquire customers. Retain, reward and profit from them by leveraging every possible item of relevant data on a comprehensive digital customer card for each customer. Different customer related activities and documentation are held on this card: transactions, pricing, revenue per customer, agreements, payments outstanding, quotations, invoices, contracts, and service orders.

Service activities
Our application allows you for the registration of all products services sold by you. You can also register service orders initiated from incoming customer calls or maintenance contracts. In addition, Exact Globe defines and maintains hour items, sales and stock items, contracts, assets and serials and batch items. It results you a complete tool for managing and controlling different operations and services.

Analysis of frequently serviced items and circumstances can be performed via problem identification. This allows you to make better decisions based on accurate data.


Taking CRM one step further

Exact Synergy
With our application you go one step further. Company wishing for extensive CRM can now get best help from Exact Synergy. Exact Synergy is a front office solution that flawlessly puts together s with Exact Globe. This offers you improved and advanced functionality necessary to perform functions such as opportunity management and marketing automation.