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Purchase and Store

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With Exact Globe you can raise you logistical activities through all aspects of purchase, management, warehousing, and item management. Core management of all these aspects lets you optimize your inventories and every time meet customer expectations.

Business processes supported:

Item management

Manage items centrally
You can create, maintain and delete all the items from single screen, across every location within your warehouse network. Each item holds its own data attribute. Also it is registered and maintained in its own detailed maintenance card. You can also perform batch update.

Item assortments
Exact Globe lets you manage your product portfolio through variety of categories. Doing so allows you to improved insight into your product offering. On the other hand, different levels of assortments provide more insight into results of your variety.

You can also manage you pricing per item, unit, variety, customer, supplier and period. All prices are instantly available and you also make changes including temporary sales promotions.

Purchase management

Supplier management
You can also make analyses for reliable suppliers against benchmarks like on-time delivery, quality of product samples and number of returned goods. You can negotiate with suppliers which are based on clarity regarding prices and formerly ordered goods.

You can initiate on purchase orders on the basis of future stock, production order and sales order or forecasting. They can also be optimally matched with supplier contracts. You can achieve this with past entry of purchase orders, manifold and tailor-make purchase order layouts, and the ability to link purchase orders to receipts.

Purchase invoicing
You can have detailed overview to get into details effortlessly and instantly. Also check invoices to ensure that they match the receipt and create a purchase invoice based on the purchase order or receipt. You can also purchase and order from sales order, without linking to sock.

Warehouse management

Stock control
With central warehousing you can now process orders from multiple sales offices after that dispatch goods to customers from one central warehouse that saves your time and money. Exact Globe also offers cycle counting.

Stock handling
You can handle different warehousing transactions such as incoming goods, outgoing goods, relocations and stocktaking. Transactions can be optimized with barcode equipment in batch communications, or with real time Radio Frequency.

Exact Globe also provides you facility to track and trace items from suppliers to production and customers. Tracking and tracing help you when complying with the general food law, or for monitoring customer demand.