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Customized Solutions
Cheque Printing

This application is specially designed and developed for printing of cheque.



Our application Bar Coding is functional solution for bar code based information. It can be used to generate the invoice in the form of bad code.


Voucher Printing

This solution help you can have customized format of printing to different types of vouchers like purchase voucher, sales vouchers, payment vouchers etc.


GL Tracking

GL Tracking is designed to complete the unique need. The application gives the general ledger details for selected period over selected criteria...


Forms Utility

The customized solution – Forms Utility takes care of different form details which nay requires like Form 38, C-Form, etc.


Project Accounting Reports

Project Accounting Reports as customized solutions is a utility developed for project management team that comprises of different details such as budget, actual commitment, actual expense, balance commitment, cash flow, etc. at any point of time.


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