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Customized Solutions
Indian Taxation

The module to Indian Taxation is developed to complete the needs of Indian clients using the Exact. The focus of module is to relate taxes on sold/purchased/ or manufactured items according to the calculation method given by us...


Stock Valuation & Aging

Our customized solution Stoke Valuation & Aging is developed for those companies which follow two or more stock valuations systems. Besides this, Stock Valuation & Aging also provides the customized and aging report of inventory.


Gate Entry Register

Our customized solutions Gate Entry Register helps in maintaining the entry of gate (examples inward, Outward, Returnable, etc.)


Sequence Control

Ideal’s Sequence Control is designed for finding out the mission number of Purchase order, Sales order, etc.


Excise Duty

We offer our customized solution as Excise Duty. Our Customized solution provides our quality support in our business operation. You can contact us for complete details to this and other product in the range.


TDS/Withholding Tax

Ideal-Exact Business Solution designed to generate the data which was directly uploaded on government web site.


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