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Macola ES

Code:   MES


Macola ES is designed with Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities and powerful exception management tools, to provide special support for midsized businesses.

With Exact Macola ES you get unparalleled levels of visibility, control and measurement for your business or organization. The system’s implementation and use is easy and it puts up rapid growth and change requirements, allowing for ongoing innovation.

Unify the organization
Macola ES allows you to unify your organization as your different departments like accounting, distribution and manufacturing and as well as document management, customer relationship management, human resources management, and project management are aligned into single system.

Through Macola ES you can now slot in the above said functionality into one Web-based, Microsoft SQL systems. Using this system you can begin new levels of unity into the system process of your organization. Different processes and exceptions are defined by management, automated, and used to enable far more consistent, and efficient execution of business policies. You can now improve your revenue per your employee and deliver superior levels of customer service and accuracy.

For more about Exact Macola ES, visit www.exact.com/us. (Web URL is case specific, may be changed accordingly)