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Financial Management & Administration

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Exact Globe provides you the core support in uniting and unifying your financial administration. With Exact Globe you experience freedom and control over all data entry and storage, and complete transaction traceability and that all are combined in single process.

Financial Management

It helps you in generating dynamic pivot reports and analyses by ‘slicing and dicing’ financial data. You can go from static to dynamic overviews which are constructed by yourself. It also has integration with Ms Excel ® and Crystal Reports®, allowing you to create real time date straight beyond Exact Globe

With Exact Globe you can smoothly enter and regulate budgets for both amounts and quantities at general ledger account level. You can get ready budget in foreign currency. Also, convert budget into other currencies automatically. Budgeting at a detailed level and create different budget scenarios.

Cash flow and credit management
You get modern and historic insight into several things such as cash flows, the overall cash situation and company value. Also know the payment behavior of debtors, using electronic banking showing the bank statements corresponding to the invoice. Also come to know debtor balances so that you can manage outstanding balances.

Using single enter systems and keep away errors. With Global Exact you save huge time. You also experience increased ability to exchange precise information through all standard functions for periodic output, import/export functions, data exchange and automatically generated overviews. It also supports several indirect taxes.

Directly register new assets when making an entry into your purchase journal. The movement for all assets gets linked to financial transactions to ensure completeness.

General Ledger
You can link your financials to areas like logistics, production and sales. Also pull information from these areas into your general ledger. Exact Globe gives the book keeping system that becomes a complete management information system as well.

Compliance and Governance
It lets you fulfill legal obligations in a large number of countries across the globe.


It is provided with HRM functionality that allows you to create knowledge rich employee files including work schedules, leave requests, Top 10 overviews of purchases and sales per staff member. You can maximize employee value and motivation by analyzing this data

System security with strict access rights

Exact Globe comes with sophisticated roles and rights capability to give out staff access to the information, processes and projects appropriate to their position.

Easy Entry
Customizable screen options as per your requirements such as accelerate your date entry turning off fields that you don't use in the entry screen.