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Exact Synergy

Many small and medium-sized businesses still perform a lot of tasks manually, or utilize IT systems that don’t work together.

There are a number of tasks in small and medium sized businesses which are still performed either manually or by utilizing such IT systems, which do not co-operate each other. Doing so just increases the work load as well as frequency of increasing errors. Why do different business tasks too lengthily if you have better solution as Exact Synergy?

Exact Synergy as web-based software connects and runs the information across the company. It integrates your data and improves its process.

Exact Synergy gives you insights and enables your people to work together to add value to your business.

Exact Synergy for HRM

Exact Synergy provides best of the supports for HRM. With this system you can be free from your routine HRM administration and can be supported in every step in the employee life cycle. This happens by storing all information in one place and allows you to take your pick of best practices.


Engine Behind Exact Synergy

Exact Synergy is a powerful system that makes heavy workflow easy. Its highly functional document management system delivers clarity, structure and collaboration. When you have Exact Synergy, barriers are eliminated to respect of different functions, and also ensuring the information is available for everyone.


Exact Synergy for CRM

Using Excel Synergy, everyone involved with a customer-facing role can now access, archive, add, and share information. You can align sales, marketing and customer service for getting an improved customers retention levels and better results.


Exact Synergy for Finance

When you need efficient consolidation, no one then Exact Synergy can do that. It allows you to integrate different financial activities like credit management, A/R managements, expenses, incoming invoices, and more. You’ll have better insight into the bigger picture and total control of the details. Through this you will have improved insight and total control over details.