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Exact Synergy for HRM

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Exact Synergy provides best of the supports for HRM. With this system you can be free from your routine HRM administration and can be supported in every step in the employee life cycle. This happens by storing all information in one place and allows you to take your pick of best practices.

Complete employee data from hire to retire:

Self Service

Exact Synergy is a best choice to manage employee data from hire to retire. Its provide self-service that eliminates the use of paperwork as employees and managers perform tasks themselves such as making checks to company policies, who’s who in the company “facebook”, make updates, view employee records and histories, etc. It has event manager that alerts managers and employees to key issues, actions, dates etc through text message or emails.


With Exact Synergy you can slash the administrative work which is engaged in hiring a new employee: job requirements and description, manage resumes, post the vacancy, manage interview rounds, track offers and contract negotiations etc. Progress can be checked by line managers and you can send alerts. At the click of a mouse, you can now move people and their archive from applicant to employee status.

First day

There is key – Onboarding that lets you establish a strong bond between new employee and employer. This is really a great function as it simplifies and enables you to keep tabs on progress and also ensures everything is ready on time.

Training and development

Exact Synergy also lots reduce of administrative burden. It handles and lets you know who’s done what and who requires what? Through this you can come to know that which employee requires training and development. Through this system you find course prospectuses, manage training contents, and register and track certificates all in one place.

Absences and time off

This will also help you in managing absences and holidays and reduces use of papers. You can manage your employee holiday and absences. You get information with integrated workflow organizing special time-off requests.

Performance appraisals

If you follow a standard appraisal structure for your employees, you can do it in Exact Synergy. You have different appraisals for different roles and you can manage it through this system. You can take account or “soft” requirements like skills and competencies, and hard targets like sales goals as well.

Alerts and notifications

If you need to alert someone about a new document, key HR issues, or an absence, you can do it by Exact Synergy. It has an optional Exact Synergy Managers with which you can setup email alerts and notifications straight from Exact Synergy.

Secure records

Digital personal files bring together employee records, company property, development, and absence history for a securely shared 360-degree view.

Workforce reporting

It has “single source of truth” that helps you in brining consistency at your workplace analytics. It also provides reliable information at just a click away so that you can generate standard report tailor-made to the needs of HR manager.

Exit management

You can also make sure that all company property is returned to company after use and is documented using asset registration and exit checklists.