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Exact Synergy for Finance

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When you need efficient consolidation, no one then Exact Synergy can do that. It allows you to integrate different financial activities like credit management, A/R managements, expenses, incoming invoices, and more. You’ll have better insight into the bigger picture and total control of the details. Through this you will have improved insight and total control over details.

Extend your financial control:

Multiple Administrations

Our system Exact Synergy brings clarity and transparency by helping you to make up your financial organization and unifies transactions from manifold remote administrations. It is a functional system when you have locations with different accounts and accounting standards, different currencies, and different general ledger accounts and different definitions of ownership and Responsibilities. Through Exact Synergy you can allocate ownership levels, line up reporting periods and map local G/L accounts to be used by headquarters.

Currency Management

With currency management option you can provide help to your finance professional looking for quick, accurate currency conversions. You get a simplified currency conversions and recorded rates which are used for the local currency conversion and in determining the conversion to the corporate currency. It is ideal if you need to go back and verify.

Intercompany Eliminations

With Exact Synergy you can perform intercompany eliminations. You can enter them through an elimination entry screen and choose the pertinent division and reporting entity concerned, the period concerned, and date.

Month-end Data Aggregation

The end of the month always brings a lot of hectic. This time Exact Synergy provides you core support to make the ending of month as easily as possible. The system provides you streamlined, efficient process which lets you import data from your back office systems.

Reporting Financial Results

With Exact Synergy you can share knowledge and discuss issues. It makes your financial information to become a company-wide resource. You have facility of rapid and easy report generation and distribution which is secured by role based authorized access.

Incoming Invoices

With Exact Synergy you will never need to check, compare and approve incoming invoices by hand. Exact Synergy’s electronic Incoming Invoice Register changes this process into a see-through, traceable procedure. The system scans invoices and sends them for authorization to all budget holders. This eliminates the flow of physical invoices.

Compliance Managements

Exact Synergy allows you to establish projects and tasks assisting the compliance process. You can create a secure association between subsidiaries and other stakeholders which enhances compliance communication and the accuracy of information. You can also manage manuals, policies, internal news pages and policy authorizations through an automated workflow.