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Exact Globe

Exact Globe is particularly developed for incorporating backend proces across an organization as you are.

If you have huge number of information and often get struggled with it to manage it then Exact Globe will let you bring all your information in single system. Through Exact solution your information is now more visible along with powerful and presentable reporting possibilities. The implementation of information remains effortless and if considering the flexibility, it adapts to your requirements as you grow.

Exact Globe unites your company around a common system, and a common purpose.

Financial Management & Administration

Exact Globe provides you the core support in uniting and unifying your financial administration. With Exact Globe you experience freedom and control over all data entry and storage, and complete transaction traceability and that all are combined in single process.


Purchase and Store

With Exact Globe you can raise you logistical activities through all aspects of purchase, management, warehousing, and item management. Core management of all these aspects lets you optimize your inventories and every time meet customer expectations.


Plan and Produce

With Exact Globe you can now control your future with customizable knowledge and suppleness for planning, manufacturing and project management. Exact Globe gives you ability to react for events by managing materials, workloads and schedules your way.



Sell and Service

Our Exact Globe aids you to hold, reward, and profit from customers by consolidating all current and historical data which may include orders, invoices, and pricing information. Such information gets linked to your financial and logistic systems.