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Engine Behind Exact Synergy

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Exact Synergy is a powerful system that makes heavy workflow easy. Its highly functional document management system delivers clarity, structure and collaboration. When you have Exact Synergy, barriers are eliminated to respect of different functions, and also ensuring the information is available for everyone.

Clarity, structure and collaboration in one



Workflow unites functions, departments and people around any number of “request types” – calls for action, such as an e-mail from a customer or a sales lead from marketing. Request types are linked to the corresponding resources, projects, assets and documents so that all operations are interrelated and traceable. Progress can be viewed and reviewed at any time, and you can create alarms so bottlenecks don’t develop.

Through this you unite departments, functions, and people around any number of requests types - calls for action, like an e-mail from a customer or a sales lead from marketing.

Integral workflow brings into line everyone involved in the process. When a person has finished its work, it can be automatically routed into next one in the chain. The application ensures clarity of ownership and gives out insight into the process to responsible for next step.

Document management

Shared documents
It is best option to shared documents as each document are made in MS Word, MS Excel and other shareable and commonly supported forms. You can securely share these documents with across entre network and regardless of where people work or live.

Find Files and Documents
Through Exact Synergy’s document management techniques you can now do document tagging – key wording - for fast, accurate searching and retrieval of specific document. Not only yours but tags can also be added to other people’s documents, so that everyone can use their own search words. It also has predictive text recognition that indicates whether a tag was used or not.

Exact Synergy is familiar with MS Offices (Words, Excel, etc.) which as feature allows you work with your documents in Microsoft Office environment.

Control viewing and editing rights
With Exact Synergy you can set permission to create, view and edit documents. Such management gives our desired safety over documents shared by project members.

Project management

Through Exact Synergy’s support you can now create and run projects. Different things related to projects like emails, documents, to do lists, activities and more can be bundled together in one place.