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Custom Made Software

We offer standardized products which are designed to meet ERP requirements of current businesses prospects. We do it to meet varying needs of different companies. Our International Custom Solution Department can provide following to ensure a perfect fit to our product.

A solution tailored exactly to your needs

Our custom products solution varies from small adaptations of our standard solution package to newly developed solution to meet your need as exactly as possible. All our tailor made solutions are based on our standard software thus we can develop them more quickly at competitive rates.

Optimize your business processes

Different customer solutions provided by us can support all our business processes at your organization. Our solutions allow you to address a multitude of challenges. Finally, our custom solutions aid you to drive your efficiency throughout your value chain.

Highly experienced professionals

Our team is acting on your custom requirement to our products via group of expert professional program analysts who are dedicated to create, develop, support and implement custom software so that you can meet unique business needs. Over the years, our team has gained enough experience in modifying Exact Solutions to help you achieve our specific goals.
Please do not hesitate to contact Exact Customization Services, if you require:

  • Ways to store additional information
  • Customization of existing processes
  • The addition of new business processes
  • Interfaces between several applications
  • Modifications to Exact Globe or Exact Synergy