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Consultancy for optimal planning and roll-out

We provide standard consultancy for optimal planning and roll-out which is based on years of experience as well as capability of successfully installing Exact solutions all over the world. Our experts work with your project management team to ensure that all solutions are implemented within the decided deadline, budget, and expectations. We know that each company has different size, projects, scope, etc., thus we provide several different implementation models which range from local single from local single-site to international multi-site implementations.

Expert assistance, every step of the way

We use well organized approach and clearly defined processes as well as create comprehensive plan to ensure the most competent implementation of our solutions at your company. Exact Consultancy provides:

Low-cost, rapid, standardized implementation

Whether on local or international scale, our team of experts can facilitate the planning and roll-out at our company. We follow a standard methodology to ensure smooth and efficient deployment from your headquarters to your subsidiaries. Doing so lets us reduce the implementation time and lower your cost of ownership.


A fitting implementation for each customer

Different companies have different needs and considering this we work with three basic implementation models: parallel, sequential or competence center implementation. This provides us best fit for your company and guarantees optimum manageability in terms of high quality implementations at multiple sites, lead time and budget, and a rapid return on your investment.

Exact ROI5 implementation
We have designed a special methodology – ROI5 to handle multi-site implementations in an international atmosphere. We optimize the time of even the most complex global implementations that provides internationally operating countries with an optimum level of control over the process and also ensures superior quality role outs on international scale.

Project Management
We free up project management on an ongoing basis that enable us to get the most out of Your Exact products.