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Exact Business Process Assessment for maximum value

While running the business, you always wish to maximize the value of your existing assets. Considering this, Exact Business Process Assessment (BPA) is designed to help you get the best you can gain out of your investments. We are not aimed at reengineering the method of business you follow, but we ensure that you get perfect support from Exact so that  you can achieve your business goals. With such help you would be able to maximize your capacity, reduce your costs and continue to grow your business with no substantial investments.

What is BPA?

Exact BPA is a fresh assessment of the processes of your business wok with Exact Solution. It helps in detecting tangible opportunities for efficiency and productivity improvements. There are three clear phases to carry out each BPA: Preparation, Engagement, and Roadmap Implementation. When BPA gets engaged, you receive complete report with roadmap recommendations for the short, medium and long term. It is cost effective programs that boosts up your business productivity too.

What are the key benefits of BPA?


  • Optimize your Exact implementation
    We can fully optimize your Exact implementation to ensure that you get maximum benefits on investment made by you. We try to achieve methods to bring efficiency, improvements, optimally aligning our solutions to your processes.
  • Ensure data reliability and consistent reporting
    We have designed our solution to provide you access to real time information. However, it is necessary that your management team regularly receives reporting in an efficient, reliable, and consistent manner. During the Business Process Assessment we examine, recommend you for improvements.
  • Reduce workarounds and non-automated processes
    Workarounds and non-automated process bring serious impact to your business efficiency. Workarounds can put off notable gains. Workaround does not work without manual help as your try to execute process using different solutions. While using different applications, you cannot get transparency as well as an ultimate tool to monitor overall process for assuming performance. With Exact BPA you can identify workarounds, redundant steps and non automated process and capabilities of eliminating them too.
  • Improve collaboration and communication
    A business can hardly achieve desired performance if there is not good collaboration between of two departments. We provide Exact BPA that gives you close look at collaboration within your company. Through Exact BPA, the analysis is not limited to employees and departments only; rather, it goes beyond to assess that how well an Exact solution is creating communication with other software programs.
  • Increase your employees’ knowledge level
    Our Exact solutions also enhance the level of knowledge of your employees in best possible manner. However our input to improve the performance of employee with our solution will entirely depends on the knowledge of your employees hold relatively. It is possible that your staffs have changed over the years and probably your present employees are not aware of true utilities of your Exact software. Through Exact BPA you will get insight into our business and the processes which are carried out by our employees using our Exact software solution.


Exact as your strategic partner

BPA is a centric and effectual method to assess the strength and weakness of your core business systems and processes. BPA provides you the basis for easy, targeted improvements delivering real benefits as per your state in the business. Exact BPA is truly a fruitful and rewarding long-standing partnership between your business and Exact. You can contact us for more information to our services and products provided by us.