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Exact Synergy for CRM

Code:   ESCRM


Using Excel Synergy, everyone involved with a customer-facing role can now access, archive, add, and share information. You can align sales, marketing and customer service for getting an improved customers retention levels and better results.

Coordination throughout the customer lifecycle:

360-degree account history

The common database and shared workflow of Exact Synergy place everything in open for all involved in the process to see, check, share and contribute. You can also get sales history, correspondence and all customer data, and documents, in a single customer-file and with links to Google Maps and social networking sites.

Lead management and marketing

The systems has central data base and shared processes unites sales and marketing professionals for managing leads and prospects jointly. The relevant key performance, indicators and work jointly in a structure can be accessed by sales and marketing in a customer centric way. Opportunity Management passes leads to sales for follow-up.

Sales team management

Exact Synergy simplifies the sales funnel and brings transparency by making available self service. The system also permits the centralized aggregation of =access to, forecasts, leads and marketing collateral. Such facility keeps the sales centered on attaining its revenue targets and each sales professional can also see the complete overview.

Alert management

With its alert management, everyone involved in the moment add reply to a request made by customers. Exact Synergy also gives out early warning of revenue events.

Opportunity management

It also ensures that sales enquires are followed up. The system completely integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Emails, so that nothing goes missing and unnoticed. Now you have comprehensive records to do things that by whom they were actually done.

Customer portal

With Exact Synergy you can now create tailor-made portals to share information. Also communicate with your clients without additional IT systems.

Reports and analytics

You can now know what your customers thinking and respond their issues rapidly. The system has build in real time analysis tools, reports ad hoc database querying that can help you in identifying issues before customers does.

Customer retention

When it comes to sales and after sales, respective teams generally use separate systems but with Exact Synergy all your sales and after sales personnel will be able to access to same information and use it for their purpose and improving complaint managements.